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Heatray Electric Radiant Heaters

Heatray Electric Radiant Heaters provide superior close proximity heating, for both indoor and outdoor heating applications. Available with a range of mounting options, the Heatray Electric Radiant Heaters produce radiant heat, the same as the sun's energy, directly warming people and objects in its path. No energy is wasted trying to heat the air that can blow away, as many conventional outdoor heating products do.

The Heatray Electric Radiant Heaters are suitable for a wide range of applications, including alfresco dining and smoking areas, patios, beer gardens, balconies, outdoor gaming rooms and sidewalk cafes.

  • Specifically designed for outdoor heating applications.
  • The Electric Radiant Heaters are suitable for low ceiling structures.
  • The units can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted or integrated with shade structures.
  • Control of the outdoor heating system by grouping Electric Radiant Heaters and running groups individually on a Celmec control module.
  • IPX5 waterproof rating ensures the Electric Radiant Heaters can be exposed to rain and washed with a hose.
  • High/low heat options ensure it is one of the most energy efficient outdoor heating systems on the market.

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